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COSSIOM* (Market Data Information Systems and Services Committee for Market Operators) is a French non-profit market data user group association which monitors technological and administrative changes in market data information and provision. The activity is focused on the provision of financial information and related services used in the Front Office.


COSSIOM is a user group that welcomes members from all kinds of financial institutions. This includes individuals from banks and insurance companies in addition to portfolio managers, stock exchange members, etc.

*COmité chargé des Services et Systèmes d'Informations destinés aux Opérateurs de Marchés

Latest news:
COSSIOM / European IPUG Market Data Conference  Paris 
November 22th 2024

Venue: Banque de France
31 Rue Croix des Petits Champs - 75001 Paris

Reservations will be open soon!

COSSIOM Annual Party Charity Event

November 21th 2024
Venue: Hôtel des Arts et Métiers
9 bis Avenue d'Iéna - 75116 Paris

Sponsorship information upon request to:

Financial News


Build & share your knowledge

COSSIOM monthly meetings:

Click below for the latest topics discussed in the debrief from our last meeting:

Referential Data Workgroup:

COSSIOM is pleased to announce the creation of a new workgroup. To find out more, click below:

COSSIOM monthly meeting: usually second Thursday morning


The meeting report will be published shortly after the meeting and available on the private pages for COSSIOM members.

Sponsors are expected for our COSSIOM Annual Charity Event in November 21th 2024!
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