Financial Data Administration:

COSSIOM seeks to cover the following Market Data Administration areas:

  • Stock Exchange rates: especially Real Time data from centralised markets & OTC trading.

  • Financial data news feeds: Real time news from the major news feeds (AFP, Bloomberg, DJ Newswires and Thomson-Reuters) that have an impact on financial markets.

  • Historical prices: price quote history, trends, fundamental price indicators.

  • Data analysis: graphical tools, analytical tools, financial models, technical analyses enabling valuation of financial assets.

  • Contribution: broadcast of real time price feeds or IOIs between financial institutions.

  • Financial ratings data: In particular, credit risk ratings of debt issuers, e.g. from Fitch Ratings, Moody's and Standard & Poor's.

  • Fundamentals & consensus data: income statements, balance sheet / P&L management, valuation of stock exchange listed companies.

  • Referential data on financial instruments: descriptive data for financial instruments, different identification codes available (ISIN, Cusip, Sedol...), stock indices…

  • Financial analysis: the possibility of in depth exploration on a specific instrument or sector, with thorough analysis provided by teams of analysts and brokers made available to the end-users.

Financial Data Technology:

COSSIOM encompasses the following technological areas:

  • Integration platforms: One distribution system containing multiple data sources.

  • Trading platforms: Sending orders to electronic markets.

  • OMS & order routing systems: order management, reception & sending to counterparties.

  • Decision-making tools.

In November, COSSIOM assembles its annual Market Data Conference in Paris. This brings the main European banks together. The objective is to discuss & exchange Market Data topics on a European level.


Each November, COSSIOM holds its annual charity event. This annual evening party is attended by over 500 representatives from all the main banks, financial institutions and data vendors to raise funds for charities. This charity event is an opportunity to bring the entire European Market Data industry & data vendors together. This is the only meeting in Paris of its kind.

COSSIOM has several workgroups that carry out in depth analyses of various sectors of the financial industry:

  • Referential data

  • Asset Management

  • Messaging

  • CSA

  • Indices

  • ...


COSSIOM organises regular surveys on major financial industry topics, to better understand the views of procurement managers, financial experts, managers and Market Data consumers. These surveys provide an effective source of information, offering valuable feedback from the leading Market Data managers & financial experts throughout Europe.

The COSSIOM Market Data Surveys aim to improve the transparency and understanding of the key issues of Market Data for the benefit of all who work in the financial world.

COSSIOM member institutions are made up of banks, financial institutes, brokerage firms and management companies. Their representatives range from IT managers, helpdesk managers, logistics managers and purchasing managers to financial specialists. The members meet each month to exchange news, share experiences and meet data vendors.


Discussions with vendors are a fundamental part of COSSIOM, enabling them to present their strategies, their products and their understanding of industry trends.

COSSIOM monthly meetings

Workgroups & surveys